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» Consider the benefit of terminating your calls to Cuba via IP with a recognized industry leader who holds a license issued by the US Department of the Treasury.

» Enjoy the luxury of having your Cuba termination being delivered direct to Cuba with long billable duration without unnecessary dropped calls.

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Mr. Rance is an entrepreneurial attorney and senior executive in telecommunications, having managed voice telephone services and broadband development. Mr. Rance has participated in developing early stage companies as well as larger, traditional public organizations. Mr. Rance bridges the gap between legal and telecommunications.

In 1992, John Rance, the C.E.O. of TC Telecom entered the communications business in Latin America, providing services to more than 125 hotels in Mexico in under 24 months.

Mr. Rance was instrumental in the development of the project between Cisco Systems and Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). At the time of its installation, that project was the largest high-speed network ever installed in Latin America.

Mr. Rance's knowledge of the industry includes business development, global operational experience, capital acquisition, public offerings, and successful M&A activities. Mr. Rance has served on numerous boards including public and private boards.

In November 2013, a new Chief Technical Officer for TC Telecom was appointed. In 1993, our CTO designed and implemented the high speed internal network for the national oil company of Mexico. This entity is one of the world's largest oil companies and the network was at the time of installation the largest private voice and data network in Latin America. This network demanded secure IP network delivery, high quality voice (both TDM and VOIP) and many other custom requirements across a country with mixed telecommunications infrastructures.

In 1995, the Chief Technical Officer of TC Telecom designed, developed, and operated a Next Generation Network for over 600 schools in the Texas Educational System. The C.T.O. along with a leading manufacturer of networking equipment designed, manufactured and installed the hardware and software to implement a Network of a type never before seen. The resulting Network carried voice, video and data via ATM and IP on a massive scale. So successful was the rollout and operation of the initial network, that the basic design was duplicated on a worldwide basis, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for the hardware and systems developed for this equipment manufacturer.

In 1998, the founders of TC Telecom were considered the pioneers in International VOIP call delivery, and today TC Telecom remains as one of the best providers of Carrier Quality International Value Added traffic via VOIP.

In 2001, the founders of TC Telecom were instrumental in the formation of a Texas CLEC and implemented direct SS7 trunking connectivity with the major IXC.s (i.e. Qwest, MCI, AT&T) and the LEC's (i.e. Southwestern Bell, Bell South, Pacific Bell). This was the foundation of the Founder's billing and collections abilities used for Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

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